Engineering Services

Fine-tuning parts for efficient machining

Complex machined parts and assemblies should always be reviewed for manufacturability. L&S Machine’s experienced engineers and manufacturing specialists will scrutinize every feature and tolerance on your parts and help you fine-tune your designs for efficient, low-cost production on our CNC machines or waterjet cutting systems.

Our engineering reviews can eliminate a variety of common manufacturability problems related to:

  • Part design. Some part features are difficult or even impossible to machine as designed, which drives cost and quality problems. Our technical team can help you make small design adjustments that won’t affect the functional performance of the part but will make it conform to standard machinability guidelines.
  • Tolerancing. It’s easy to overlook conflicting dimensional tolerances and excessive tolerance stack-up. We can help identify both types of tolerancing errors during the design review process.
  • Process optimization. Many parts can be produced in a variety of different ways. Our process optimization capabilities can identify the best way. Our ability to streamline complex, multi-step manufacturing processes keeps costs low and quality high. Waterjet cutting, in particular, has emerged an efficient alternative to multi-step manufacturing processes that would otherwise involve casting, machining and welding.

Want to learn more about our engineering services? Contact us now or upload a part model for review.

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