Nuclear Power

Top-quality precision reactor components

For more than 50 years, L&S Machine Co. has supplied complex, tight-tolerance machined parts for the commercial nuclear power industry. During that time, we have invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art CNC machines, a nuclear-certified welding operation and a quality-focused IT infrastructure to meet the strict quality requirements of the nuclear power industry. L&S Machine meets 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, 10 CFR Part 21 and 50.55(e) and NQA-1 quality assurance standards.

Advanced manufacturing. We produce nuclear components in a variety of stainless steels and high-temperature alloys with precise dimensional tolerances of ±0.0005 or tighter. Our manufacturing facility is built on modern Haas CNC machines, including 3- and 5-axis vertical and horizontal machining centers and an abrasive waterjet cutting machine.

Quality assurance. Beyond state-of-the-art machining capabilities, our quality assurance and quality control processes are second to none. L&S employs dedicated inspection professionals who routinely conduct first-article, in-process, random in-process and finish inspections to guarantee quality and adherence to demanding specifications. We are qualified to all nuclear industry machining and welding standards. We also use specialized equipment and processes to avoid foreign object contamination from non-nuclear metals and fluids.

Application Examples
  • Single parts and components measuring up to 120 x 40 x 30 inches
  • Prototypes for nuclear components
  • Full production quantities of machined metal parts
  • Stainless steel fuel nozzles
  • Springs for nuclear reactor assemblies
  • Reactor components and welded parts
  • Complex shapes with intricate geometries machined to tight tolerances
Materials Available
  • 300 series stainless steels
  • 700 series Inconel
  • Titanium
  • High-temperature alloys and superalloys

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