Waterjet Cutting

Cost-effective production of complex parts

Producing metal parts with complex geometries is one thing. It’s another to do so cost-effectively. That’s where waterjet cutting comes into play.

Our OMAX 2626 JetMachining® Center gives us the ability to machine shapes and features that would have been very costly—or impossible—to produce on traditional CNC machines. On the right type of application, waterjet cutting can keep costs low and quality high by producing near net shape components, eliminating multiple machining setups and the need for secondary welding operations.

Our OMAX 2626 machine offers a cutting tolerance of ±0.001 inches over a work X-Y work envelope of 2.5 x 2 feet with Z-direction travel of 8 inches.

Consider Waterjet If:
  • The part contains complex features that cannot be machined
  • The part requires multiple setups on a 5-axis machine
  • The finished part requires welding to achieve the desired geometry
  • The ratio of waste material to finished part is high

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