Quality Assurance

Statistical process control and certified quality control for every job

As an ISO 9001 shop, quality assurance pervades every aspect of what we do—from the quoting phase to final delivery. L&S Machine has a sophisticated quality assurance program that allows us to implement extensive statistical processes, quality control and continuous improvement methods on every job.

Our expert quality technicians are trained to operate a wide range of process and quality control equipment—including coordinate measuring machines (CMM), microscopes and a wide range of precision micrometers, gauges and indicators. They also follow stringent ISO 3438 and 14731 quality standards for welded parts.

Quality Systems

L&S Machine holds an ISO 9001:2015 certification and our quality management system (QMS) also meets rigorous US NRC, ASME and ISO requirements. Our system is compliant with 10 CFR Part 50 Appendix B, 10 CFR Part 21 and Part 50.55(e), ASME’s NQA-1 2008, 2009 (addenda) and ISO 9001 (2015).

We apply the latest statistical process control (SPC), quality control (QC) and continuous improvement (CIP) processes to every part we make. Our networked CNC machines gather and analyze key machine control parameters in real time.

At L&S, our QMS verifies product quality through in-process sampling, and performs product acceptance through 100 percent inspection of dimensions, finishes and other critical parameters.

Quality Equipment
  • 2 Merlin coordinate measuring machines (CMM)
  • 2 Brown & Sharpe CMMs
  • Mitutoyo contour tracer
  • Optical comparitors
  • Hardness tester
  • Microscopes
  • Profilometer
  • Parlec TMM Prosetter
  • Wide range of precision micrometers, gauges and indicators

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