New Pallet Pool Improves Productivity and Flexibility

At L&S, we’re always looking for new ways to be more productive. In that spirit, we’ve recently added a Haas pallet pool to one of our UMC-500 five-axis mills. Perfect for high-volume production runs, as well as high-mix, low-volume machining, this new system lets us get more products out the door quickly, making us faster and more efficient for our customers.

A game-changer for throughput, the new pallet pool lets us schedule multiple jobs in advance. Each time a pallet moves into the machining area, the system automatically calls the assigned part program. It also automatically loads and unloads workpieces and will return completed pallets to a holding location or route them to an operator station.

The Haas pallet pool can perform all these functions continuously and without any manual intervention, maximizing spindle time, increasing our production volumes and minimizing operator touch-time.

Additional Benefits — Greater Throughput and Agility

Besides increasing our production capacity, the new pallet pool makes it easier to accommodate last-minute machining jobs without any disruption to production. Our operators can schedule pallets according to priority or sequencing requirements using a single touchscreen, ensuring we can take care of your highest-priority parts first.

High-Mix, Low-Volume Machining

In addition to high-volume production runs, the pallet pool is suitable for high-mix, low-volume machining. Our operators can assign specific programs to each pallet, ensuring different parts are machined in succession without extensive reprogramming or setup changes. This flexibility is a big advantage when dealing with many parts and shorter production runs.

Learn More

Already, the new Haas pallet pool is helping us optimize our CNC operations, reduce downtime and increase our throughput. To learn more about this system — including what it lets us do for you — watch our video. You can also contact us to discuss your next project.

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